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Australian property among the most expensive in the world

Australia’s most renowned housing bear, University of Western Sydney Associate Professor Steve Keen, an economist has been calling a top (and predicting a long and painful fall) for the housing market for some time. Unfortunately for Mr Keen he has been wrong time after time even losing a bet with Macquarie Bank’s Rory Robertson some time back which saw him walk from Canberra to the top of Mt Kosciusko wearing a ‘I was wrong on house prices’ T-shirt.

Property, inflation and interest rates

In order to invest in the right asset class at the right time it is important to look ahead and see if there is anything on the horizon that could affect your investment choice. Property is no exception, in this article we will look at two major factors that will affect the property market this coming year.

Demand strong for inner city properties


The thermo maps below show the median home value of property in each Australian state. You will notice that most locations that are higher than $800,000 are located within 10km’s of the CBD.