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Have you heard the good news?

Have you heard the good news? Financial armageddon has been averted. The economic collapse in Europe has been cancelled. Everything is going to be okay. Well, actually none of those statements is true, but news of the “debt deal” in Europe has set off a frenzy of irrational exuberance throughout the financial world anyway.

Why do some property investors fail?

Property investing is one of the best wealth creation strategies to implement. Returns are exceptional and financial freedom is achievable in a relatively short period of time. However, a number of problems arise when property is treated like an investment.

Stocks plummet while property holds

There are still a lot of negative headlines on the economy and the outlook for Australian property. Many experts have been calling the Australian housing bubble and that property values are going to fall from the sky for some years now. Of course they have been wrong time and time again.

Once upon a time…


Many people treat property investment like a fairytale. You know how it goes… pretty girl marries charming prince, they live in a castle and it’s ‘happily ever after’.

Spring property market: Fears, facts and focus


With so many contradictions in the media about the state of the property market, it can be confusing to filter facts from fears. One day the market is close to collapse. Another day it is flat but showing some positive signs of recovery. New data and statistics are being released every week, and experts scramble to interpret what they mean. Which information is accurate and how much should you rely on it?

Talk of a property crash is unfounded


Australian dwelling prices have, generally speaking, demonstrated what could be most accurately described as a controlled moderation since the middle part of 2010.

10 years on from September 11 – Personal Finance Lessons


No doubt September 11, 2001 changed everything. Security concerns increased, navigating airports became a new kind of nightmare and the United States and Australia went to war in two far-away lands. By looking at the changes in prices over the last 10 years you can take with you some great personal finance lessons.

Can Gen Y use property to become rich?


A question I am sometimes asked is, can investing in our current property markets make you rich? The question may be a blunt one, but it is important to know the answer, why invest in a particular asset if after 5 years you have no gains to show for it.

Rents set to rise


While there are too many houses for sale, there is an under supply of rental properties. Sydney was the only capital city where rental vacancies eased over the month of July, according new research by property research company SQM Research.

Should You Be In Property, Stocks or Precious Metals?

On the day of writing Tuesday 23rd August the Australian share market is experiencing a small rally after an optimistic speech by the US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.