Monthly Archive for April, 2012

Inflation rate eases by more than expected – rate cut expected


An interest rate cut next week is a certainty after a weak inflation reading cleared the path for the Reserve Bank to lower official rates to 4 per cent.

Sure ways to lose money in today’s property market

Most investors lose money by making a number of poor investment decisions, swayed by smooth talking salespeople and too good to be true purchasing schemes. Read on to find out what these include.

About 40% of property price direction is dependent on the cycle, 60% on what you buy

It might just be a coincidence, but this week is the 13th one of the year and last night I delivered my 13th presentation for 2012. The first quarter of the year is usually much quieter for such proclamations than later months, so either this year will be full-on speech wise or things are just topsy-turvy. I hope the former, as our bank account can do with the speaker fees!