Monthly Archive for September, 2011

Once upon a time…


Many people treat property investment like a fairytale. You know how it goes… pretty girl marries charming prince, they live in a castle and it’s ‘happily ever after’.

Fixed-rate mortgages could get even cheaper


Borrowers might consider holding off taking out fixed-rate mortgages as further cuts may be in the pipeline, according to Channel 9 finance expert Ross Greenwood.

$235 mil in silver found in WW2 shipwreck


An American salvage firm has found $235 million of silver in the hold of a British cargo ship sunk off Ireland during World War II. Silver holds its value through the ages. Dollars or fiat currency does not.

Now is the time to add Gold and Silver to your portfolio


With European bank failures looming, threats of sovereign debt defaults, and stock markets around the world losing billions including the Australian S&P, we have witnessed gigantic price pullbacks for both gold and silver.

Spring property market: Fears, facts and focus


With so many contradictions in the media about the state of the property market, it can be confusing to filter facts from fears. One day the market is close to collapse. Another day it is flat but showing some positive signs of recovery. New data and statistics are being released every week, and experts scramble to interpret what they mean. Which information is accurate and how much should you rely on it?

Why have gold and silver fallen in value?


Amid news that China’s juggernaut economy is slowing and fears that the Eurozoners don’t have the political will to fix what ails them, stock markets worldwide took a dive today. The Dow closed down 738 points—its worst week since October 2008. Gold and silver also dropped dramatically—gold down 9.5% from its Sept. 6 peak of $1,923.70, but with gold and silver, the memory of 2008 is more reassuring.

Marc Faber Warning – Bigger Financial Crisis on the Way


Marc Faber gives his warning on a bigger financial crisis that is on its Way

Global stocks plunge – property looks a safe bet

If you have read my articles in the past you will know I advised people to get out of the stock market almost a year and a half ago. The storm clouds I saw on the horizon are now well and truly here.

Fading expectations of an interest rate hike have reassured households

New September figures show a recovery in economic growth and fading expectations of an interest rate hike have reassured households. The Westpac-Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment rose by 8.1 per cent in September to 96.9, after falling to its lowest level in more than two years in August.

Doomed European Financial System – Buy gold & silver

With rumors of Greek default once again flying around in their private taxpayer funded jets, we wish to remind readers that a chart is worth a thousand words. In this case several charts, courtesy of Reuters, which has created the ultimate in interactive data presentations on the Euro crisis.