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What the Heck is the International Monetary Fund?

The International Monetary Fund is in the news again for scandals of a more personal and dubious type—the arrest of fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn over allegations of sexual assault. This comes at a time when the IMF can least afford to be embroiled in political scandals—the global recovery is tenable at best, and the combination of rising prices, declining credit, and falling faith in fiat currencies is becoming a cocktail for disaster. But this does give us a great opportunity to help people understand what the IMF does, who pays for it, and how it works.

Debt Ceiling D-Day: U.S. to Hit $14.3 Trillion

First thing this week, the United States will have hit its $14.3 trillion congressionally-mandated borrowing limit and the federal government will be running on fumes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Property

I often get asked different questions about property investing, here are my top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about property investing and their answers.

Builders busy on units as homes lag

Building approvals took steps towards improvement in March with a 9 per cent rise despite a negative result over the previous year.

The Hot Air Budget of 2011

Here is a quick summary of the 2011 budget. Over 300,000 jobs created in last 12 months
Unemployment will fall to 4.5% creating half a million jobs

Two official rate rises in next six months

Commonwealth Bank expects one or two more increases in official interest rates in the next six months, which the bank would pass on to its mortgage customers, said chief executive Ralph Norris.

Pullbacks in silver are buying oppurtunities – Don’t Panic!

Mike Maloney and James Anderson on the shakeout in the silver price over the last few days. Please share this video on Facebook etc with anyone who might be losing sight of the big picture. Share on Facebook

How Much Should You Invest?

Many people ask me, “How much should I invest?”. Today I want to share with you the secrets from the world famous book “The Richest Man in Babylon,” I want to touch on what you need in your budget and explain how financial planning can help you achieve long-term financial goals and financial independence.

The Home Buyers Strike

Prosper Australia, a tax reform lobby group, say the property bubble burst is imminent and first home buyers should stand aside because they will be the worst impacted when property prices fall.

Politics and Property; Follow the trail of Government Spending on Where to Invest

Recently NSW went through a state election. After 16 years of a NSW Labour Government, the people of NSW decided that it was time for a change. A new Liberal Government was elected to office in a landslide victory.