Monthly Archive for May, 2011

Are the banks pricing the Australian property market as risky?

Just four years ago, just about anyone could get a loan to buy a house, unit or undertake a property development. Well, the times have changed and rules from bank lenders have also changed.

The Best Investment is a Good Tennant

A tenant can make or break a landlord’s experience of owning a rental property.
Keeping good tenants happy is one of the best investments a landlord can make. If tenants are happy they may be more likely to pay their rent on time, stay in your property longer and treat it as if it were their own.

Pile of debt would stretch beyond stratosphere

President Ronald Reagan once famously said that a stack of $1,000 bills equivalent to the U.S. government’s debt would be about 67 miles high.

Cyclone Yasi hits home prices in North Queensland

Cyclone Yasi has hit again but this time in the form of house prices in North Queensland with Townsville recording a drop of almost 3 per cent over the past quarter.

Pop the Australian property bubble

Prosper Australia, a tax reform lobby group, say the property bubble burst is imminent and first home buyers should stand aside because they will be the worst impacted when property prices fall.

Brisbane a property buyers market

While the number of houses for sale in Brisbane is slowly starting to decline, there are still substantially more on the market now than at the same time last year, according to RP Data figures.

Understand Wealth Cycles

The first economist to identify economic cycles was 19th century French economist Clement Juglar, best known for identifying the 7-11 year fixed investment cycle which bears his name. Juglar’s template for economic cycles became a model for other economists to base their theories.

Think Commodity Prices Are High Now? Just Wait

The just-released monthly inflation report showed that prices for most goods eased a bit. The exception of course is oil, and even though oil prices globally have declined in recent weeks, most Americans are paying ever more for gasoline even as inflation overall remains statistically tame.

You must pay taxes. But there’s no law that says you gotta leave a tip.

The basic concept of tax is not complicated; take a little from each person to fund infrastructure and social programs for all. The main purpose of taxation is to finance government expenditure.

Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting of the RBA (May)

The Reserve Bank of Australia has released the Minutes of the May 2011 Monetary Policy Meeting of the Reserve Bank Board today.