Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Property values fall in Queensland flood zones

Land valuations of flood-affected Queensland properties have plummeted, exposing thousands of victims to mortgages greater than the worth of their homes.

Dollar sinks, Gold @ $1,530 hits new high after Bernanke speaks

The dollar sank further Wednesday and gold and silver prices surged as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke signaled the Fed was in no hurry to tighten credit.

Inflation is silent and deadly


As an individual you will have no control over inflation; however you will be greatly affected by it, more often adversely. Inflation is what many call the silent tax on tax payers as petrol prices, food prices and also the cost of everyday living continues to rise.

Much to consider in property partnership

Those who are keen to get on the first rung of the property ownership ladder but don’t have the deposit and/or income behind them to do it on their own might consider “buying in partnership”.

Median Melbourne property prices down

While the opening quarter of last year’s property market was the strongest in seven years, the start of 2011 is one of the weakest in a decade.

Gold Tops $1,500 on U.S. Debt Outlook; Silver Surges to $44


Gold futures rose to a record $1,500.50 an ounce as U.S. debt concerns weighed on the dollar, boosting demand for the precious metal as an alternative investment. Silver surged to a 1980 high.

Doom Gloom and Boom

There are a lot of negative headlines lately on the economy and the outlook for Australian property. Just this week I have read headlines such as ‘Melbourne Property Bubble Finally Bursts’, ‘Brisbane Property Market in Free Fall’, ‘Land Sales Slide To Lowest In Decade’ and ‘Households Struggling To Keep On Top Of Their Bills.

Reserve Bank outlook for rates, inflation unchanged

DISASTERS in Japan and Queensland have not changed the medium-term economic and inflationary outlook for Australia, the central bank says.

Australian residential land sales have reached their lowest level in a decade

The HIA-RP Data Residential Land Report found the volume of land sales fell sharply in the December 2010 quarter, with sales down by 40.4 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2009.

NAB ‘Break-up’ campaign working


THE NAB’s much-hyped Valentine’s Day “break-up” advertising campaign, in which it splits up from the other big banks, has paid dividends.