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The People Have Spoken – Scrap Negative Gearing

Today many Australians are calling for negative gearing to be abolished again so the great Australian dram does not fade to the pages of history. If you read any blogs or news articles you will have noticed a sudden increase of heated comments blaming investors for driving up property prices and rental costs around Australia.

Does property near sporting venues stack up as a good investment?

With the Ashes starting today between England and Australia at the Gabba, it got us thinking if buying property near sporting venues would stack up as a good investment?

Inner city rents forecast to rise

Rental prices are set to increase over the next year as the construction downturn and population growth continues, as a result of the Global Financial Crisis in late 2007.

How do you make money in a flat property market?

We’ve been suggesting for some time that the rate of property value growth will slow in 2010. It seems as if the recent weakness across auction clearance rates, along with a number of other less buoyant housing sector figures, may be providing the first signs of a residential market slowdown.

Good News for Property Investors, Bad News for Renters

Tenants in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane are likely to be slugged with annual rent increases of up to 7 per cent over the next two to three years.

Buying cheap US properties – beware!

Is buying cheap property in the United States an astute investment decision or risky business? Investing in far away places has it’s inherit risks, but we also know the bigger the risk, the bigger the potential reward may be. Investing in the US property market is no exception and seems to be the thing to do for Aussie investors this year.

What the Fed’s $600 Billion Plan Really Means

Basically quantitative easing is a fancy word to print money. When the Federal Reserve buys something for example a computer, an individual’s salary or a bond they create money from thin air with a simple computer entry.

Why did the RBA raise interest rates?

Here’s a summary of why the RBA hiked its benchmark rate: The risk is passing that the Chinese economy is slowing. The world economy is more or less recovering. The Aussie economy is growing at trend. Employment and wages are likely to grow. With the strength of the Aussie Dollar, inflation is likely to rise [...]

Place Your Bets – Interest Rate Rise on Melbourne Cup Day

As the Melbourne Cup fast approaches, the big question many punters are asking has less to do with horses and more to do with interest rates. It just so happens that the race that stops a nation is run on the first Tuesday in November, which coincides with the Reserve Bank’s monthly monetary policy meeting. [...]