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Property Market Put Under the Microscope

The forecast is for clear skies in many parts of the Australian residential land market – but if you’re in Melbourne or Adelaide, don’t pack a picnic just yet.

Affordable housing options across Australia’s capital cities

There are plenty of affordable housing options across Australia’s capital cities; in fact there are 154 suburbs where the median value of a house is less than $300,000. Adelaide suburbs comprise the majority of these ‘uber’ affordable locations, comprising 28% of the list. Brisbane suburbs rank a close second at 24% of all capital city suburbs with a median value under $300,000, followed by Sydney at 18% then Hobart comprising 16% of all suburbs.

Property has been the best investment over past 24 years – ANZ

It’s official – your home is the best investment you are likely to have made. In the constant debate over shares versus property, bricks and mortar have won out. The ANZ review has found the family home has been the highest returning asset over the past 24 years, taking costs, taxes and gearing into account.

Borrowers face increased costs as valuations trend downwards


Borrowers are facing increased costs as the valuations on their properties are coming in lower than anticipated due to a more conservative approach by valuers, according to Loan Market Group.

Tips for first home buyers


Buying your first home is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is a major decision that takes lots of planning and research, and careful budgeting.

Tips for first home buyers


Getting a foot in your own front door is one of the biggest financial hurdles most people have to face, yet the dream can become a reality in a few years.

First home buyers again entering the market

First home buyers are dipping their toes back in the market thanks to a correction in house prices. Australia’s biggest independent mortgage broker said home loan approvals from first-home buyers spiked to 35 per cent of all loan approvals in June

Interest Rates, Up or Down?

We have been hearing for months now interest rates are set to rise from the RBA and other economists. Westpac is the first major bank to forecast a 1 per cent fall in interest rates before the end of next year, starting with a 25 basis point cut in December.

$10,000 grant to new home builders in Queensland

Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser will announce a $10,000 grant for those building new homes in today’s state budget. Mr Fraser this morning tweeted details of the new Queensland Building Boost grant, which will only be available from August 1 this year and Jan 31, 2012.

Pop the Australian property bubble

Prosper Australia, a tax reform lobby group, say the property bubble burst is imminent and first home buyers should stand aside because they will be the worst impacted when property prices fall.